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Our process 

We can organize any area in your home or business, whether it means completely packing up and moving to a new space or simply organizing a desk drawer. SOJA Method is a lifestyle service committed to providing a simplified, organized and functional space you can truly enjoy. We will review every area of your home or business with our expert knowledge and systems to create function for your lifestyle.


The first step in our process is an in-person or virtual consultation to go through your space and gather information that will be used to formulate a plan and calculate an estimate.

  • During the consultation, we will go though your space, discuss your goals and problem areas, measure and discuss products needed

  • After the consultation, we will provide you with an estimate for desired organization project, including product cost

  • Consultations typically run about 30-45 minutes 


This is when we come in and do it all. We will declutter and organize any space including closets, kitchens, bedrooms, playrooms, garages, attics, and more. We will implement our SOJA Method to help you create an organized and functional space that is also sustainable and easy to maintain.  

  • On-location services that include cleaning, decluttering, implementing previously discussed and approved organization plan, purchase and installation of organization systems, and post-execution clean-up to deliver a fully finished, functional and beautiful space 

  • We have personalized packages available for every project and budget

  • Product cost is additional 

Folding Clothes
Well Organized Closet

Whether you are moving to a new home or just packing up for a vacation home, we will help you through the process and manage your move. We will pack up your current space and/or unpack and organize your new space. We can also arrange for and work with a moving company for a stress-free moving process.

  • Pack-up: clothing, linen closets, bathroom accessories, kitchen items, etc. 

  • Unpack: getting you settled in your new space.

  • Organize: design and implement organization systems to fit your space and make your house a functional home.

  • Contact us to discuss your specific project and we will recommend a package best for your needs and budget


We don't just organize your home, we can also help organize other aspects of your life, including:

  • Home and work office

  • Cubicle workstations

  • Filing systems 

  • Office storage rooms

  • Inventory storage systems and libraries

  • Products displays

  • Professional kitchens

  • We offer a number of corporate packages 

White File Folders
Clothes Hangers

We all know how great an organized home or business can be. You can let your friends know about our services and you will both receive a discount off your next booked session. This is how it works:

  • Refer us to your friends, colleagues, family or loved ones 

  • Your referral schedules their organizing session with us and receives a special referral discount - free 1 hour of organizing services

  • Next time you schedule an organizing session, you will receive the same special discount - free 1 hour of services

SOJA Method

Serving Connecticut, New York and New Jersey


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